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August 2nd - 4th 2014 William Hawrelak Park

Food Tickets

Advance ticket sales at all Save On Foods locations from July 7th -August 3rd, Servus Credit Union branches in Edmonton and surrounding areas from July 7th – August 1st or Tix On The Square (420–1757). Tickets are sold in full sheets of thirty for $25.

Once again, the Servus Heritage Festival will be using the food ticket system for purchase of food items during the Festival. This system has helped reduce long line-ups and includes a convenient option of purchasing tickets in advance.

Food tickets will be required for all food and beverage purchases at the 2014 Servus Heritage Festival, at every cultural pavilion, and Royal Treats Ice Cream booths in William Hawrelak Park.

Arts-and-crafts items at pavilions will be sold for cash.

Food Tickets:
Individual ticket $1.00
6 tickets for $5.00
12 tickets for $10.00
18 tickets for $15.00
24 tickets for $20.00
30 tickets for $25.00